DeFi has become one of the leading sectors in the crypto space with nearly a $100,000,000,000 market cap. It is essential to give apes a place to generate yields hands-free by utilizing their liquidity provider (LP) tokens and other various tokens to create additional profits by simply staking tokens and letting our state-of-the-art algorithms do all of the hard work.

Apefarmer smart contracts automate yields in a cost-efficient manner while utilizing some of the largest DeFi players in the industry Pancakeswap, BBQswap, Babyswap, and many others.

Apefarmer will offer “Safe Ape” and “Degen Ape” sections allowing for increased yield farming profits on their already owned tokens. Deflationary measures will be implemented in the Apefarmer protocol to maintain a steadily increasing market cap.

Apefarmer aims to be the go-to DeFi platform to offer increased yields for Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (TBA) enthusiasts.

The Primary token of will be $APEF. The Apefarmer token will have no max supply but will have auto-burning functions and underlying utilities that include:

· Yield farming/ Pools — Holders will be able to stake their $APEF LP tokens and $APEF single stake tokens to earn more $APEF and WBNB!

· Lottery — Participate in the $APEF lottery to win BIG every week.

· NFTS — Use $APEF token to trade for Limited Edition NFTS.

· Governance (DAO) — Holders staking $APEF token will be able to propose changes to the apefarmer protocol which might include emissions, burn rates, new pools/yieldfarms, etc.

Starting Supply: 800,000 $APEF Tokens

(Let us break this down for the APES)

· 400,000 IDO

· 200,000 Liquidity (Locked 1 year)

· 130,000 Marketing & Advisors (12 Month Lock)

· 60,000 Team Tokens (Locked 12 Months)

· 10,000 Reserve (Contests, Marketing, Video Production, NFTS)


· ~ APEF , APEF/BNB, APEF/BUSD (uses pancakeswap)

· ~ CAKE, CAKE/BNB, CAKE/BUSD (uses pancakeswap)

· ~ BANANA, BANANA/BNB, BANANA/BUSD (uses apeswap)

· ~ BUSD/USDC, BUSD/DAI, BUSD/USDT (uses apeswap)

· ~ USDT/BNB, ADA/BNB (uses pancakeswap)

· ~ BAKE, BAKE/BNB, BAKE/BUSD (uses bakeryswap)

· ~ PANTHER, PANTHER/BUSD, PANTHER/BNB (uses pantherswap)

· ~ beltBNB, beltBTC, beltETH, 4Belt (uses belt)


· ~ BABY, BABY/USDT (uses babyswap)

· ~ DOGGY/USDT (uses babyswap)

· ~ Babydoge/USDT (uses babyswap)

· ~ SHIB/USDT (uses babyswap)

· ~ BBQ, BBQ/BNB, BBQ/BUSD (uses barbecuefinance)

· ~ BISON/BNB (uses apeswap)

· ~ FEG/BNB (uses apeswap)

· ~ ALPACA/BUSD (uses pancakeswap)

· ~ PIRATE/BNB (uses pantherswap)

So we are all APES now, right?

· 0 Deposit fees — APES will not pay to earn!

· Lockups — Certain vaults will have timelocks of 24–72 hours to prevent bad actors from rapidly entering and exiting vaults. ApeFarmer stands for all sizes of apes, big and small, fat or skinny, ApeFarmer want people to win together. Remember apes together… strong!

· $APEF rewards — will be distributed to the APE FARM VAULTS at 0.15 $APEF/BLOCK with a 9% reward to the Apefarmer DEV team. This will ensure the project is sustainable with upward growth as ApeFarmer builds Total Value Locked (TVL).

· Withdrawal fees — Each vault will have VERY low 0.1%-0.5% withdrawal fees. Single staking $APEF vault will have a 72 hour mandatory 0.5% withdrawal fee (to prevent bad actors). Depositing, withdrawing, buying, and selling $APEF will be limited to a TBD amount via algorithms (for anti-whale measures).

· Performance fees — 7–26% of yield harvested (some of the lowest in the industry). Most will be purposed to buyback $APEF to distribute back to vaults and for burning!

· Network and Dev Fee — 1.5% combined for network tx and continued development.

· APE ZAP — 0.1%-0.5% exchange fee. This fee will be utilized to buy and distribute $APEF to $APEF holders via $APEF vaults.

Exit notes…

ApeFarmer is working with much effort to create a yield farming platform that will be easy to use, high yielding, and efficient. Contracts will be released after a 3rd party audit is performed. ApeFarmer is looking forward to growing their community and being a HUGE contender in the DeFi space.



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