AoM Gameplay 1 — The Art of ‘Arena Battles’

6 min readMay 18, 2022


The sun has risen again in the lands of Misteria, and they’re back with a new blog just for you guys! As their Ankot Tamers are well aware, Ankots of Misteria is not a typical blockchain game! To solidify their claims, let them take you further into the vast expanses of Misteria and cleanse you of any doubts.

To begin with, the Ankots in AoM are powerful, animated creatures that their team of creators spent days to create individually. Each Ankot is outstanding and unique in terms of attributes, skills, and nature. Secondly, Ankots of Misteria is based on a strong narrative and background, and the entire gameplay revolves around it, making the game intriguing and interesting. Finally, Ankots of Misteria has a strategical and skilled gameplay that is compelling and tests each Ankot Tamer’s skills to the limit. Keeping that in mind, let me warn you — victory doesn’t come easy in Ankots of Misteria!

Ankots of Misteria is unique in its focus on strategy, extensively rewarding the strategic utilization of digital assets (the game’s core — NFTs) and skillful gameplay. You may wonder as to how they managed to achieve this. Well, to win a game of chess, one is required to make strategical moves in order to defeat the opponent’s king. Fascinatingly enough, Ankots of Misteria’s gameplay style is similar to the AutoChess genre that sits at the core of its PVP game mode, enhancing its strategic gameplay for players and making it appealing.

Ankots of Misteria has two distinct game modes that players can enjoy. Both of these game modes allow players to earn tokens and valuable assets in multiple ways. One of these modes is the Arena Battles, a PVP game mode that enables players to battle opponents using their lineup of Ankots powered by Orbs.

On the other hand, Exploration is the PVE game mode that allows players to use their Ankots to explore magical pieces of land and collect treasures they find within. These two game modes are directly interconnected with one another, creating a synergistic in-game environment for players to enjoy.

Arena Battles

At the heart of Ankots of Misteria’s gaming experience is the AutoChess-inspired PVP game mode — Arena Battles. Here, players can compete against one another to test the abilities of their Ankots in battles.


In Arena Battles, there are PVP battles that take place between you and another opponent. Both players will select their lineup and enter the battle with six Ankots each along with a collection of Orbs. In classic AutoChess fashion, you will enter a chess-like battle board and start your preparation for the first of five rounds of battle by picking your starting Ankots.

When the preparation time allotted is over, the battle begins, and so does the fun! Once the battle starts, the Ankots present on the battle board fight each other until all the Ankots from one side have fainted, and the other side wins the round.

As the first round reaches its completion, the preparation for the next round begins. During this time, both sides are permitted to change their active Ankots, change their battle-board placements and also replace their existing Orbs, all which impact the Ankots’ attributes and skills. Once the preparation time finishes, the next round begins. Arena Battles continue in this flow, and the first player to win three rounds wins the battle.

Game Modes

Arena Battles have three distinct game modes, each offering distinct rewards to its players along with its strategical tests. The game modes are as follows:

Ranked Arena
The flagship game mode of Ankots of Misteria is the Ranked Arena. Lasting for up to five rounds of battle, these matches are for competitive players that love a good challenge and can test their tactical skills to the limit. If you are reading this, then I am guessing you are one of them! Ranked Arena Battles are linked with the Seasonal Ranked Leaderboards, and each win or loss affects your ranking on the leaderboards for the season. So be wary of how you play and the outcome, because EVERYTHING matters!

At the end of each match, depending on its outcome, players either earn an increase or reduction in their matchmaking points. Since each player’s total matchmaking points determine their place on the leaderboard, the outcome of these battles affect players’ placements on the Seasonal Ranked Leaderboards. Thus, it is very important to plan and strategize each round and match and aim to win.

Ranked Arena Battles require players to own at least ONE Ankot NFT and ONE Orb along with a Seasonal Pass or an ANKT deposit to play.

Staking Arena
Another major PVP game mode is the Staking Arena Battles. These last for up to five rounds filled with action-packed Ankot battling and strategic outmaneuvering. This specific game mode is for players that are looking to win (or lose) it all, thus the name ‘stake’.

Battles in the staking arena work in a ‘winner takes all’ fashion, wherein players can enter into battles with one another and stake a certain amount of in-game tokens at the outcome of the battle; each player stakes tokens of equal value to the other player. At the end of the battle, the winning player earns back his staked amount of resource along with the majority of the resource staked by the other player.

Staking Arena Battles require players to own at least ONE Ankot NFT and ONE Orb along with the amount of tokens they are willing to stake at the start of battle.

Practice Arena
Ankots of Misteria also features the Practice Arena PVP game mode that allows players to partake in casual battles with other players or computer-generated bots. Players can enter this game mode with no Ankot NFTs too! How cool is that? Practice Arena Battles only consume energy to play and are the ideal way for players to test new Ankot lineups or practice new strategies against bots or other players without affecting their Seasonal Rankings. Being the free-to-play game mode, Practice Arena Battles do not require any NFT or tokens as a pre-requisite and are, therefore, the key game mode for new players looking to get a feel of Ankots of Misteria.


A P2E game, Ankots of Misteria is filled with opportunities for players to earn valuable rewards through its various game modes. Ranked Arena Battles provide a rewarding experience to players both within and outside of the battle board, allowing players to earn the project’s primary token ANKT for proving their skill as a strong Ankot Tamer. At the beginning of each Ranked Season, an ANKT prize pool is set that players can aim to achieve by competing against one another in the Ranked Arena game mode and increasing their matchmaking points. At the end of the Ranked Season, the prize pool is distributed to the top players depending on their Skill Tier, with the top 100 players earning the majority share of earnings.

Ankots and Orbs

Battles in the Arena are devastating ordeals, and no Tamer is safe to enter its battle board without a few friends and artifacts beside them. As harsh as it sounds, you do not want to lose a battle. The Arena game modes are focused around the usage of the game’s two major NFT classes — Ankots and Orbs. Players use Ankots to fight on the battle board while assigning them Orbs with various powers that grant battling Ankots unique and powerful abilities.

In order to make the most out of your battling experience, you are recommended to own at least ONE Ankot NFT and Orb, although players can still play Practice Area Battles using trial Ankots and Orbs. Using your own team of Ankots and collection of Orbs is encouraged in Ranked Battles, as it allows players to use well-thought-out elemental strategies and employ strong synergies within their Ankot lineups during battle. They further allow these players to utilize the best Orbs on their Ankots to sweep an assured victory or turn the tides during an unfavorable enemy lineup. It is highly recommended not to opt for computer-generated Ankots in Ranked Arena Battles, as you never know what you might end up with. Going into a battle with arms tied behind your back is never a good idea!

That’s it for now, fellow Ankot Tamers! This is all that shall be revealed about Arena Battles in AoM for the time being. With that said, it definitely isn’t their final destination. Keep your curiosity and hopes high as their next stop is right around the corner and will soon be upon us, where they explore the Resource Collection mode in AoM. Until then, stay tuned to their Discord channel and other socials!