Ankots of Misteria Tolerated Play2Earn Game Project

3 min readMay 15, 2022


What is Ankots of misteria

Ankots of misteria is a new play 2 earn game pvp quite interesting that we two today for what they have to offer and we should keep in mind now that it is coming soon to the blockchain of polygon. Players who want to try the game will be available on mobile play store and app store.

How the game will be played ( Gameplay )

The main theme of the game will be pvp battles either with other players or with the automated environment and every time the strongest team wins they will get the tokens of the LVS game.

The Ankots that will be the main digital figures in the game will be divided into 4 categories earth, air, water, fire that depending on what you choose will have different skil


OI players who will be very good there will be rank levels where in each season the best players will be rewarded with their own currency ANKT


There will also be the category of mating ankots that by placing two ankots and the lvs if the mating is successful will create a new ankots that you can either put in battle or be sold in the .

Ankots of mystery NFTs + Token

Ankots: They are the basic digital figures that you can buy as NFTs to be able to play the game and make money from the game,

Lands: They will soon announce in-game plots that we can buy in the game marketplace and the ankots owners can place their pets there and collect rare items that can be sold at .

Tokens: Ankost of Mystery will create two tokens ANKT which will be the main token and second LVS which will help the ecosystem to work you can see more information about the token here


The team of Ankts of misteria consists of very experienced people in the field and in general of the gaming category you can see in detail their public profiles here


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