Ankots of Misteria TOKEN ANKT and LVS

  1. Extra energy (Players will have limited energy for battles that will drop energy over time. To continue the battle, they can purchase energy using LVS.)
  2. Pvp battles (Players can use LVS to play against a computer opponent or practice battles without affecting their ranking.)
  3. Play Ankots ( Players will need ANKT and LVS to play Ankot. A higher amount of LVS will be consumed based on the number of times the Ankots are played. The maximum number of times an Ankot can be deployed is 7.
  4. Market (Players will have the option to purchase stones, spirits, etc. from other players using LVS in the in-game exchange.)
  5. Create Orbs (Players can create balls using LVS. The higher the ball level, the higher the amount of LVS to be spent.)
  6. Energy boost Orbs (Players can also use LVS to improve their balls. The more times they strengthen the ball, the more LVS will be consumed and this will increase exponentially)

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