Ankots of Misteria — an upcoming monster auto-battling P2E game

New blockchain games, be it P2E or C2E, are rising in numbers every single day. It can take long browsing to find ones up to your preference. Some people focus primarily on income potential, some people look for a healthy and welcoming community, and some put priority on the gameplay itself.

Even if one finds a good game, there is always a barrier to start playing. These blockchain games require investment — you need starting NFTs as playable characters, tools, land, and other in-game assets. We can see how Axie Infinity and some other games, despite volatile earning capabilities, are still popular. People without initial funds to start playing can still get into the game with the use of the ‘scholarship’ feature. Investors can lend their in-game assets to other players to play and share in-game tokens as profits. It is a win-win deal.

Ankots of Misteria gives a take to provide gamefi with enhanced dimensions of gameplay and earning experience. If you have played auto-battling style games such as Dota Autochess, Dota Underlords, Team Fight tactics, Ankots of Misteria is a P2E take on the genre that may appeal to your preference

(Image Source: Ankots of Misteria website)

The game takes players to a magical land called Misteria, inhabited by mythical creatures called Ankots. These creatures are there for players to tame, befriend, train for battles and breed to create new unique Ankots. Ankots is one of the in-game characters in form of NFT used to play the game. The land of Misteria is vast and mysterious, which players can explore plots of lands and collect resources. The plot of lands are also owned by players as NFTs. The resources collected from the lands are used to craft Orbs of Power that can be placed onto Ankots. These Orbs are the last of 3 NFTs that are used to play the game.

(Image Source: Ankots of Misteria website)

The Misteria land is filled with 4 founding elements; Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. The Ankots will correspond to one of the four elements as their main element. Ankots powers are determined by body parts and each Ankot has 6 parts that make up their appearances. Each body part, again, reflects each element. The more consistency in body part elements determines the purity of Ankots. The more pure Ankots are, the more Orbs of power they can hold, and thus the more powerful they are.

(Image Source: Ankots of Misteria website)

Each body parts of an element also provide different attributes (Stats) for ankots. The main attributes that factor the battle mechanics of the game are Health, Physical Attack/Defense, Magical Attack/Defense, Speed. Earth corresponds to Health, Fire elements corresponds to Physical and Magical Attacks, Water element corresponds to Physical and Magical Defense, and Wind element corresponds to Speed.


Ankots of Misteria has a dual-token tokenomic made up of primary token ANKT (Ankots Token) and secondary token LVS (Love Spirits)

ANKT is a ERC-20 token deployed on Polygon Blockchain used for AoM’s NFT marketplace and in-game transactions. They are earned through seasonal ranking placements, signifying the importance of strategic PVP gameplay to compete with fellow players. Holders of ANKT will be able to invest, stake to become part of Ankots DAO using the primary token.

LVS is a secondary token deployed on Polygon, used for breeding mechanics. LVS can be collected and crafted in-game through PVE battles, and are needed for breeding new unique Ankots. Therefore, they have tied values to ANKT, as Ankots created can be sold onto the marketplace for ANKT or used in battle.

(Image Source: Ankots of Misteria website)

I mentioned the barriers to entering a blockchain game. Yes, Ankots of Misteria has a feature to address this, called Ankots Scholarship Program. What makes this powerful is that the deals made between owners and scholars, such as duration and ratios are to be clearly defined and confirmed via NFT smart contract, thus making the scholarship deal untampered and immediately executable.

(Image Source: Ankots of Misteria whitepaper)

Currently, Ankots of Misteria is concluding the 4th phase out of 7 phases of the initial roadmap. The events for whitelist and USDT rewards are being organized frequently and the community is steadily growing. Take a look at their great looking whitepaper here —

You can join Ankots of Misteria telegram using this link

To get on board, stay connected on AoM social media and community channels for updates, sneak peeks, and NFT giveaways

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