Ankots of Misteria | A Strategic, Play to Earn Mobile Game

2 min readMay 22, 2022

Ankots of Misteria

Ankots of Misteria is a unique monster battling experience. The game, at its core, has an NFT-based play and earn element that rewards players for playing the game! Ankots of Misteria is unique in its focus on strategy, extensively rewarding the strategic utilisation of digital assets (the game’s core NFTs) and skilful gameplay. This focus on strategic gameplay is achieved through its auto-battler gaming style, similar to the Auto Chess genre, that sits at the core of its PVP game mode.


Being a play and earn game Ankots of Misteria is filled with opportunities for players to earn valuable rewards through its various game modes! Arena Battles provide a rewarding experience to players both within and outside of the battleboard, allowing players to earn the project’s primary token ANKT for proving their skill as a strong Ankot Tamer. At the end of the Ranked Season, the prize pool is distributed to the top players depending on their Skill Tier, with the top 100 players earning the majority share of earnings.

Ankots and Lands

The Exploration game mode rewards the synergistic utilization of both Ankot and Land NFTs by players. Players that carefully select the right Ankot and task it to explore the right Land are rewarded with greater and much faster collection of resources. This is because Ankots and Land NFTs both have unique attributes and elemental makeups that make each of them distinct from other such NFTs. For example, Lands may only offer those stones for collection that possess a similar elemental attributes as them

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