Altura NFT is Now With Us To See Beyond NFTs on Blockchain Gaming

2 min readSep 3, 2021


Seedify is relentlessly bringing new partners on board to shape the next evolution of gaming through play-to-earn with blockchain.

After announcing our 2 Strategic Advisors, JRNY who has half-million followers, and Alex Becker with nearly a million followers, last week, we are here and delighted to talk about our new, beyond-basic-NFT partner Altura NFT.

Altura NFT is a gaming NFT platform on BSC, which allows game developers to mint, distribute, transact and integrate Smart NFTs representing in-game items. Seedify will be ensuring a top-notch 360° ecosystem.

But, there is more beyond! Let’s discover it together.

First of all, let’s dive into Smart NFTs. They are fundamentally NFTs but with a special differentiation. Smart NFTs are active properties that can alter based on certain conditions. Consider an item in an online game, like a sword. It may get better by leveling up in the game. This would be an example of a Smart NFT. In this regard, a Smart NFT has a potential of higher value during a game. Such a feature in the blockchain ecosystem encourages gamers to develop their items since it provides an opportunity for them to be rewarded financially.

Seedify will collaborate with Altura NFT in the following areas:

  • Placing NFTs on the marketplace
  • Minting NFTs on the Altura NFT platform
  • Distributing NFTs
  • Integrating Smart NFTs in-game items
  • Providing flexibility while giving away loot boxes in the marketplace
  • Providing solutions to game developers

Smart NFTs can take your gaming experience to another level. More importantly, you can make the most of your blockchain gaming experience with the collaboration of Seedify and Altura NFT.

Stay tuned for the new announcements and never forget that the revolution is on the way here!

If you are willing to take a say in the revolution while increasing your crypto holdings, decide which blockchain-gaming projects will go live and get your share!

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