About Prometeus Labs, one of latest Investors to ENVOY Network

In a step towards further diversifying our impressive pool of investors, we have partnered with Prometeus Labs, best known for their decentralized framework that offers anonymous data exchange and storage to the public. With thousands of daily active users, almost half a million data chunks, and over 150k product transactions, they’re fast on their way to returning total control over data to its owners. And with a notable list of partners that include BitTorrent, Binance, Matic, and many others, Prometeus Labs are true leaders in the data freedom movement.

Founded in 2018 by Vladislavs Semjonovs and Iva Wisher, Prometeus Labs was first designed as a marketplace for data trading. Today, they offer 3 unique products: Stoa, Ignite, and Prosper. Stoa allows users to get rewarded by selling their personal data or files. Ignite is a decentralized and firewall-resistant micro blogging service that offers a censorship-free space for people to express themselves. And Prosper is the world’s first prediction market with on-chain liquidity aggregation. Each product offers a modern solution to the biggest obstacles we face digitally.

Prometeus Labs Co-founder and Chief of Business Development, Vladislav Semjonovs, shares, “We are always looking for projects that are capable of revolutionizing the industry. The NFT space is getting bigger every day, and the solutions ENVOY offer combines masterful technique with the ability to attract a vast number of users, something the market hasn’t seen before. We are proud to be a part of this partnership and hope that it will enable us to stay on top in this constantly changing De-Fi era.” We are delighted to welcome Prometeus Labs to the ENVOY family and are confident that bringing them on as an investor will be beneficial in more ways than one.

For information on Prometeus Labs’ products and how they work, learn more at https://prometeus.io/.

Stay tuned for more information on ENVOY, our featured drops, and much more…

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