1st WallStreetBets Official NFT Collection — The Diamond Hands Pass

Their new NFT series is not just about growing brand awareness for the WallStreetBets — Decentralized global movement… and far more than just a kickass NFT.

Introducing WallStreetBets’ Diamond Hands Pass — full details at: https://wsbcollectibles.io

Let’s go over what’s included and the main benefits of collecting the series as described in the new 🗒 white paper.

What is The Diamond Hands Pass?

A collection of 15,000 handcrafted, generative artwork NFTs designed by seasoned illustrator and artist Yung Lils.

What do I get for being a DHP hodler?

Being a Diamond Hands Pass hodler gives you outstanding perks within, and outside the community. The longer you hold, the more you earn. And not only that, since the Diamond Hands Pass can work on either Ethereum or BSC. Having your NFT in one or another blockchain will impact the rewards you get. More on that below.

Some benefits include:

  • Exclusivity on a huge chunk of the WSBDApp universe. We’re talking priority on WSBDApp events, enhanced yield farming, first-hand access to product launches, and more!
  • Save your spot for future collections for free. We’ll keep dropping generative art collections, metaverse collectibles, and wearables.

What’s best is that this is only the beginning, there are so many other benefits to unpack by reading the lightpaper!

How will they drop the NFT?

On the WSBDApp, they would like to spice all things up. Instead of dropping their NFT the traditional route, they’re planning something special. They’re offering up to 30,000 raffle tickets for 0.1 ETH. Of these 15,000 tickets contain a Diamond Hand Pass! Losing tickets will be refunded in full.

Make sure you ONLY buy Raffle tickets with ETH !!!! 🎫 — BSC is only available to redeem your NFTs later.

How does the ETH 🔄 BSC work?

Ethereum and Binance share similar architectures thus making the Diamond Hand Pass NFT work on both. That means you can easily swap the Diamond Hand Pass NFT from Ethereum to Binance, with no problem whatsoever.

What’s next for the Diamond Hands NFT?

NFTs are leading the way to the new world of digital media, and they, the WallStreetBet DApp team and community, aim to be at the forefront of this revolution. Launching their Diamond Hand NFT, is only the first step, more is coming soon. Big-name virtual world partnerships such as The SandBox.


For a deeper insight into the workings of our shining Diamond Hands NFT, check out the lightpaper and head to https://wsbcollectibles.io to start your collection.


What do the NFT free airdrops include?

🥇Gold Metallic [10k] — this has been airdropped and confirmed to the first 1k on the list.

🥈Silver Metallic [100k] — currently airdropped 11,950 of the total amount — it’s taking a lot longer considering there is 40k+.

Why is the Diamond Hand NFT via a raffle?

The raffle ticket system is designed to highly reduce gas fees as you will essentially be getting airdropped a total of 4 NFTs starting with the Diamond Hands Collection (then Bears, Bulls, and Apes later) + Metaverse special access events + higher yield farming boosts.

Why is my gas fee so high?

MetaMask defaults to an inflated gas when either there is insufficient funds in the wallet (add more funds), OR when there is already 5 raffle tickets in the wallet.



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